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Kingston Hospital’s Patient Portal

What is Kingston Hospital’s Patient Portal?

Patient Portal is a secure online system provided by Kingston Hospital that allows you to look at information from your hospital record, view Outpatient appointments, receive messages from your hospital care team and complete forms and questionnaires. It is available from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Please use it as first port of call for hospital issues as this will provide you with more informaiton than your GP will be able to access.

click here to access the Kingston Hospital’s Patient Portal

If any difficulties you also also get support from the hospital consultant secretary on the number on your hospital letter, or from Kingston hospital Patient Advice and Liason Service (PALS).

What can I do on Kingston Hospital’s Patient Portal? 

Accessible now:

  • Appointments: check the date, time and location of upcoming Outpatient appointments
  • Documents: a place to receive and store copies of letters from the hospital about your care
  • Messages: receive messages from your care team at Kingston Hospital
  • Allergies: look at your recorded allergies
  • Questionnaires: to complete prior to your Outpatient appointment

Coming soon:

  • Reschedule: change some Outpatient appointments online
  • Test results: view test results
  • Procedures: view records of procedures you’ve had
  • Login: via the NHS App




Date published: 8th May, 2023
Date last updated: 8th May, 2023